Canadian Artist

About Maggie...

Maggie was born in Glasgow, Scotland and from an early age had a passion to draw, design and create.   Therefore, it was a natural step for her to pursue a career in interior design.

She, her husband Vern, and their two sons lived in Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta.  In 2008, Maggie sold her interior design firm in Lethbridge and she and Vern ‘retired’ to Sidney, Vancouver Island where they lived for 9 years.  During those years Maggie took up water colour painting as a hobby.  

However,  in 2017 the ‘siren call’ of new twin grandchildren was strong and they returned to Alberta and now live in Calgary.  Since moving back to Calgary, Maggie’s painting transitioned from being a hobby to becoming a second career and she now paints with acrylics.    She finds inspiration in the surrounding natural beauty in British Columbia and Alberta mainly, but also in the rest of Canada and from travels abroad. 

Maggie describes her art style as a composite of contemporary realism and impressionism.   For 30+ years as a professional interior designer, her ‘art’ was to create beautiful spaces which fulfilled the desires and dreams of clients.  Now as a full-time artist, Maggie draws on much of her design experience to create paintings.  Through composition, capture of light, multiple layering, and bold interpretive lines, she strives to bring a uniqueness to her paintings which are colourful and detailed. 

Her art pieces have found homes throughout Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Italy and Bermuda. 

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